Brother Quattro Software UPGRADE Kits I II III, SAVR6000D1 Scan Fabric in Hoop Design Placement, SAVR6000D2 Pen Pad Digitizing, SABF6000D2 Border Hoop

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Quattro® Software Upgrade Premium Pack I (SAVR6000D1) Features

Get get even more creativity, versatility and professional results from your Quattro™! Features and functions include; the InnovEye® Technology new Scan Capturing Feature that scans what is hooped on the machine and then displays it on the LCD screen for design alignment and realistic viewing; enhanced on-screen auto resizing from 60% to 200% of original design; a bobbin case for Bobbin Work and 14 unique and elegant Bobbin Work Embroidery patterns; enhanced InnovEye® Technology features including a centering function, grid display and and 200% magnification of the needle position. To round out the new creative features, a cursive embroidery font, 1.5x larger thumbnail viewing and improved stitch combination preview and realistic preview. 

Delivering optimum performance in embroidery, sewing, quilting and crafting, the Quattro Innov-is 6000D is truly, Creativity Times Four. With the new Premium Pack I Software Upgrade, you can get even more versatility and professional results from your Quattro 6000D with these new enhanced features.

Enhanced InnoveEye Technology Features

• Centering function which enables machine to automatically begin in the center of a design if area cannot be selected

• Grid is displayed when the InnovEye Technology is enabled to display the needle position in the LCD display, allowing for easy alignment of the needle 

• 200% Magnification of needle position image 

• Screen shot capturing function to save images from the settings screen and through the InnovEye Technology to USB media for viewing on a computer 

• Fabric Thickness Sensor [image capturing function only] for detecting thickness of fabric using the Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker 

• Enlarged Embroidery Pattern Thumbnails Now 1.5 times larger for easy viewing 

• 200% Pattern Magnification Preview embroidery patterns in the embroidery edit screen 

• Continuous scrolling of design pages 

• Additional settings screen for access to new features 

• Improved combination preview & realistic preview for clearer pattern previewing. 

• View the settings screen in any of the 12 available languages 

Quattro® Software Upgrade Premium Pack II (SAVR6000D2) Features

It's all about design improvement with the Premium Pack II: 

Unique 10" Pen Tablet makes sketching designs and signing your creations easy

Want to dabble in creating your own designs? With the My Custom Design™ feature, you can use the included stylus to create personalized, unique designs on the LCD display, and watch in amazement as the Quattro® 2 turns them into digitized files you can stitch out! 

Take your creativity to the next level and create designs using the new included Pen Tablet. Designed specifically for Quattro®, the Pen Tablet makes it even easier to create your own original embroidery with the My Custom Design™ feature. 

Attach the Tablet to the Quattro® 2 and have the My Custom Design™ feature running on your machine. As you draw, the mouse moves on the LCD display screen, so you can see where you are touching on the tablet. Never before has it been so simple to autodigitize a design without a PC or software. 

Use the included Pen Tablet to: 

• Draw or write freehand using the included pen 

• Create one-of-a-kind personalized design sketches 

• Trace designs from existing photography or a child's drawing 

• Add your signature onto your work, including quits 

The created designs can be resized and combined with characters or images in the editing screen, just like a built-in design can. When you're done, you can save the custom design to the machine's memory for later use.

With the My Custom Design™ feature and Pen Tablet, there are so many ways to create a custom, personal work of art - and really fun way to create embroidery! 

Exclusive Color Shuffling™ Function allows you to change design color palettes with the touch of a button

Change your design color palette with the touch of a button. You'll be amazed at the virtually infinite possibilities of thread color choices for every design. 

Just select a design, touch the Color Shuffling™ icon and select one of four different color scheme choices - random, vivid, gradient or soft. 

The design will appear onscreen in six different color combinations. Zoom in on one for a close-up peek or turn the page to see even more options. Save the different color offerings into Memory or your stick. Don't see the look you had in mind? Just shuffle again for a whole new set of colors. 

Perfect when you want to place the same design on multiple creations, but want to add a personalized touch to each. Or when you want to place a design on fabric that might not match. Take it a step further and scan your fabric in the hoop and see your new color combination on the fabric - without taking a stitch. Don't like it? Don't stitch it. Let the machine give you more options until you find the perfect rainbow for you. 

• 10 new embroidery designs 

• 2 new embroidery fonts 

Quattro® Software Upgrade Premium Pack III (SABF6000D2) Features

Embroidery design connection is now even more precise with InnovEye® Technology: 

• 4" x 12 " Continuous Border Hoop 

• 10 border embroidery designs 

• Embroidery design connection feature for perfectly aligned borders and designs 

• US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective. 

• Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor 

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